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Maximize Savings with One-Stop Solutions for Solar battery Storage

What do we do?

We provide commercial, residential and mobile solar battery storage solutions to help clients in the UK to meet their specific energy needs and save on energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

Are you in need of the best solar batteries for your RV, home or business? Look no further! We specialise in sourcing the highest quality solar batteries at all price ranges on the market. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge in the industry and are well connected directly with the manufacturers. We will ensure that you get the most cost efficient and reliable energy storage systems for your specific needs. Not only do we provide exceptional products, but we also offer top-notch installation services. With safety and sustainability in mind plus years of experiences, our fully qualified and certified technicians will professionally install your solar batteries, ensuring that they are set up properly for maximum performance.

Have got solar panels already?

No problem. Our solar batteries ensure you store excess energy, optimising your system's efficiency and reducing reliance on the grid. Our installation experts will design the solution and retrofit state of the art batteries into your existing PV system through AC coupling, so that it stores the power generated and in turn powers your house or your business. It's essential to note that UK Government brings electrical battery storage within the scope of the VAT relief on energy-saving materials (ESMs). In other words, zero VAT for ESS, 20% cheaper. For details please read our relevant blog.

There are two types of installation: AC coupling and DC coupling. Please have a read to get clued up for the installation.

Haven't got solar panels?

We are here to help you. We have a selection of top notch portable solar panels for you to quickly tap into solar energy. Or starting with a solar battery storage system positions you a step ahead, ready to capture and store solar energy the moment you decide to go green. Not to mention you can capitalise on the cost differences between peak and off-peak electricity tariffs straight away. Find out more about how could this be done.

Alternatively, if you are ready to switch to the green energy, we can provide you with an optimised one stop solution that benefit from the 0 VAT government incentive: PV panels + battery storage. Please get in touch to get started.

Proud owner of a motorhome?

At Sunvault, we understand the unique energy needs of RV and motorhome enthusiasts who love the freedom of the open road. That's why we've curated a top-notch selection of portable solar panels and power stations, designed to meet the diverse demands of life on the move. Our range of compact, efficient, and reliable power solutions ensures that wherever your adventures take you, you'll have a dependable source of energy. These power stations are easy to use, rechargeable, and perfect for keeping your essential devices powered up. Whether you're parked in a remote location or traveling to your next destination, our portable solar panels and power stations are the ideal companions for all your RV journeys, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted power.

Premier Installation Services

At Sunvault UK, we are proud to collaborate with a network of fully qualified and certified local solar and Energy Storage System (ESS) installers to bring you top-notch installation services. Our products are sourced directly from the manufacturers, ensuring that each item comes with industry-leading warranties and guarantees the highest quality.

Our partner list

The list will grow over time as our installation service are covering more and more regions.

Why Choose Sunvault UK?

- Competitive Pricing: We offer unbeatable prices across the UK, committed to providing the best value without compromising on quality.

- Comprehensive Service Package: Our collective efforts with local installers allow us to offer a complete installation package that meets your specific energy needs.

- Coverage: While we feature exceptional package prices including local installation for customers in South Wales, our services extend well beyond. We cater to clients across various regions, ensuring everyone can access our premium installation services.

Get a Custom Quote

If you're located outside of South Wales and interested in our services, please don't hesitate to reach out. Fill out the installation quote form today to receive a personalized quote tailored to your location and installation requirements. We are here to help you transition smoothly to solar power with full support at every step.

Connect with us at Sunvault UK, and let us help you harness the power of the sun efficiently and affordably. Your journey towards sustainable energy starts here!

Harness Solar Energy

For home users, whether you're already harnessing the sun's power with solar panels or just beginning your solar journey or even simply surfing the tariff waves using peak shaving technique, solar batteries are the key to maximising your energy potential.

For the outdoor adventurers and motorhome lovers, with our range of hand picked top notch portable solar panels and portable power stations, you will be best equipped to live off grid and enjoy nature in a sustainable way.

With Sunvault, every ray of sunlight counts. Join us in revolutionising energy consumption and making every day a sunny day for your home's energy needs. Home owners with existing PV systems are invited to contact us for ESS battery installation quotes today to learn how to save more by storing the power of solar energy.

Satisfied Customers

black solar panel under red and gray clouds
black solar panel under red and gray clouds

Sunvault helped us save on energy costs and made our office more eco-friendly.

black and white concrete building
black and white concrete building

Choosing Sunvault was the best decision we made. Our energy bills have significantly decreased.